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By on 9 Settembre 2018

My Morocco food experience:

My idea was to eat dates, lot of dates! We went in October, the season of this fruit. We also plan our trip to be in Erfoud (in middle of nothing) to assist to the Date Fastival!

But didn’t went this way.

Lesson from Morocco: never plan too much, just let be carried.

We ate very good especially once we understood that where the locals goes, true flavor flows.

These are my favorite spot after one month in this country.

In one month I understood that you have to be very clear of what you want (if you know what you want), or they will always put way too many oil, hot spices or fried things just because taste better.

These are the places I recommend if you want to make a real Morocco culinary experience, with some healthy choices.

P.s.Another suggestion; Morocco has really a  lot of rooftops, if you want to find some quietness and rest from the tiny and chaotic alleys from the centre just get into an hotel or restaurant, quite everyone is happy to welcome you and get a tea.

For that I’ll suggest our Hotel: Riad Naila, (Kebira Fes Medina, 7 Derb El Miter, Fes 30110, Morocco).


-Le Tarbouche fes , (N°43 Talaa kebira, rue haddadine, Fès Médina.30000 Fès)

Cucumber. tomato, onion and goat cheese salad



Fresh local food with a touch of western cuisine.

They have a couple of benches outside just above the street, you can admire the movement of the city. I loved them!

Suggested plate: Pastilla

-Cafe Clock,  (7 Derb El Magana 30000 Fès)

Falafel with hummus- Cafe clock

Hidden in the alleys of the Medina, in an old courtyard house with a really nice vibe, local music, a rooftop and with some serious good food!

-Famille Restaurant Berrada , (57, Sagha Achabine Fes Medina, Fes Fès, Morocco)

If you want a really local friendly culinary experience, find this place!

The owner will welcome you and brings you directly into the kitchen where the chef makes you try their daily dishes.

Chose yours and get a sit.

the daily dishes in Famille Berrada Restaurant


-Riad el bahia (the most delicious chicken Tajine I had)

Found it perchance, while we were looking for another place.

And this was the most precious meal I remember.

Made with love, slowly and with fresh ingredients. An authentic Tajine.

They also told us they are the oldest Riad of the city!

I had no photo of this we were too hungry!


-Nomad (1 Derb Aarjane, Medina، Marrakech 40000, Morocco)

Nomad Restaurant view over the square

Lentils with goat cheese and mint And Nomad salad


When I get into this place, my reaction was: “Oh Yes! Finally!”.

Exactly the kind of place I fall in love when I found them, fresh local product with healthy choices and with a Moroccan twist. well-finished restaurant, good attention to the presentation of dishes and to to the quality of them.

Clean bathroom and really nice view of the “places des épices”.

-Le jardin (32 Souk Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech Medina, Morocco)

Le jardin Restaurant ambience

Grilled Dorado fish with vegetables skewers and three dip sauces


Same owner of Nomad (he knows what he’s doing), it would definite it an green oasi in Marrakech.

Immersed in greens, the ambience is really worth it just for a drink.  I fall in love with the green floor!

They offer European an Moroccan cuisine, prices are “western level” and you absolutely need to book in advance.

I suggest to go there for dinner, soft light and singing parrots make it an incredible ambience.

-Earth Cafe, (4 Derb el Messfloui, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco)

Typical Moroccan Salad with harissa

Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant, centre located.

They serve organic dishes, the place is simple and colorful, the food is made in the moment you order and taste good.

Street Food !

We din’t eat much street food, our Moroccan friend advised against it.

They do n0t have our clean standards, just value yourself. I would suggest to avoid meat, it is very susceptible to rancidity.

BUT! Apart of the most touristic food attraction in Jemaa el-Fnaa (main square), there is one that deserve a visit!

N.66 (Jemaa el-Fnaa)

This one of the simplest and best street food I had, the only thing they serve is moroccan bread filled with boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, butter or oil and cumin. Simple as that.

You eat just with local people and the price is like 8 dirhams each (less than 1 Euro).

I wouldn’t say more, just go there and have a bite!

And now, lets go deep into the desert.

Relaxing at Nora Cafe

-Nora Café, (Village Khamlia , BP: 57, 7km , Route de Taouz, Merzouga 52202, Morocco)

Berber Pizza. This is what we heard, and few hours later we were there.

Berber pizza is served

Berber pizza filling


Under the veranda of this restaurant you really feel the magic of the desert. Few guests, not so crowded, owner and waiters are very friendly, and they have some special dishes to offer.

If you want to taste something different, plan a visit.

Oh and they have dates for dessert! Memorable!


Finally we got to the sea, this place isn’t Morocco, we felt another vibe.

Air is different, literally.

Port of Essouira at sunset

Our breakfast view from our hotel (one of my favorite place)


-Triskala, (58 Rue Touahen، Essaouira, Morocco)

Written on a board, they change menu every day, you can choose between 4 starters, 4 main and 2 dessert.

They offer vegetarian options and fish dishes. I don’t need anything else. Just loved it.

It’s very well furnished, some table are on a mezzanine and the place is illuminated with a nice romantic light.

Internal view of Triskala Restaurant

Triskala daily menù

-Patisserie Driss, (10 Rue El Hajjali, Essaouira, Morocco)

I have a weakness. This are Croissant.

Cream croissant in Essouira Patisserie


I know exactly how I want it and how it should be, soft inside but not buttery, crisp at every bite, full and not too light, with a good quality filling (I love cream) and better if still warm.

And they satisfied my needs!

This place opens in the early 1900, they have a courtyard inside and a lot of people waiting for their pastries out of the oven.

Waiters are not so smiley, maybe is becoming to much touristic?

In the end,

did with find dates?

oh YES! We bought 3 kg! And here is the most important lesson;  never eat even, alway odd!

Brings bad luck in islamic tradition.

We got dates!

And thats it, my first healthy, authentic and loving food guide.

We eat in so much places in one month, Im very rigid to judge a restaurant or a café.

I base my decision on

-quality, freshness and cleanliness of the products and place (from the oil used to the bathroom hygiene)

-kindness, attention, presence and cordiality of the owner and waiters

-way of cooking, I don’t like plate with way too much dressing, oil, salt and more.

-choices, do they offer any kind of plant based dish

-price overall


Morocco is full of good places to eat that are not mentioned here, we visited also Casablanca, (but we met with a Moroccan friend and we were always invited at his home with his family), we eat also a lot on the road, and buy local fruit from the markets (avocado are ridiculously cheap and ripe) we had always some with us for emergencies!

I’ll encourage you to tell me your favorite places you have been in Morocco, and  maybe complete this guide even more.

Im respectful of the place I visit, spontaneous, say no when I don’t feel it good for me, and be open to new experiences, there is always something unexpected that surprises me.  And when you don’t speak the language just smile! (its  international language).

Hope this guide helps you somehow, if you have any other question about Morocco I’ll be happy to respond.

Have a wonderful continuation of your day


Lunch on the train for Casablanca (avocado with canned beans)







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