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Food Journey Stay Healthy

A Balanced life starts in your Kitchen

By on 13 Dicembre 2018

Balance. What a beautiful state.

What is the first thing that come to your mind with this word?

Balanced with yourself, (your body, mind and spirit), with people, with all the living beings, with your work or maintaining equilibrium on one leg.. what else can you be balanced with?

Think at our…


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Culinary Guides Food Journey Stay Healthy

Delicious Canary Islands

By on 19 Settembre 2018

Las Islas de pescado, queso y papas

7 Island, I’ve been on 3 plus one.

Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Graciosa.

During our time in the Canary Island we cooked also by ourself in our apartment, there are local markets on Saturday usually in the major town where you can find vegetables…

Sailing day on Lake Garda | Matteo Celon from Daniele Leggio on Vimeo.

Stay Healthy

Sailing on Lake Garda

By on 24 Febbraio 2018

     You can find Matteo on Instagram as: matteocelon

London for Christmas from Daniele Leggio on Vimeo.

Live Music on Lake Garda with OnDeRadioLive Band from Daniele Leggio on Vimeo.

Stay Healthy

Live Music on Lake Garda

By on 9 Settembre 2017

Live Music event at Restaurant “Il Merlo Nero”.

Exhibition  of the band “Onde Radio Live”


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Breakfast Stay Healthy

Açaí & Papaya Bowl

By on 15 Agosto 2017

Blend the fruit, cover the oats with it, smile and love your breakfast!

Every day I can’t literally wait to prepare my bowl, I’m just so excited to combine fruit with some healthy nuts, proteins and cereal and create some new flavor explosion.

I have a challenge, and it’s: try a…

Daniele Leggio
Travel the world trough food