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Delicious Canary Islands

By on 19 Settembre 2018

Las Islas de pescado, queso y papas

7 Island, I’ve been on 3 plus one.

Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Graciosa.

During our time in the Canary Island we cooked also by ourself in our apartment, there are local markets on Saturday usually in the major town where you can find vegetables and fresh fruit.

Canary Island have some very delicious variety of fruits, the bananas (Platano Canario) are delicious, thick and creamy, also Cherimoya is something I’ve never seen and now its one of my favorite fruit. So give a try to something you never had, its wonderful the sensation of a new taste.

Pescado (fresh fish)

Been in the middle of the ocean, seems quite obvious you’ll find fish quite everywhere, local fishermen selling their products and a lot of choices here and there.

But thats not exactly what I found, not the way Im used to in Italy, maybe you can get fish in the early morning waiting for some fisherman at the harbor.


What’s “queso”? Cheese!

In Fuerteventura and Lanzarote I found the most delicious cheese I’ve ever eat. But only goat cheese, yes goat. Only goat!

And thats the reason why its so good.

One product, single origin.

Papas (potatoes)

The speciality is called “Papas arrugas con mojo”, boiled little potatoes with salt and spicy sauce of peppers. So simple, so good!

Places worth eating

La Vacca Azul – Fuerteventura, Calle Requena, 9, 35660 El Cotillo, Las Palmas, Spagna

Located in a beautiful picturesque town, The first time we search for this place we didn’t find it, but everyone knows about it so just ask some local.

They serve fresh seafood on they sea view terrace, that face west so I would suggest to go there for dinner and enjoy the sunset!

We ate paella, they have very different type to choose from!

Like fideùa made with pasta.

Service is OK,Price is a bit higher but I think it’s worth it. (28 euro for a paella to share)

For dinner remember to reserve because they are usually full of local people.

El Barquillo (El Sótano) – Lanzarote, Calle Recalmon, 20, 35560 La Santa, Las Palmas, Spagna

Want to eat with some fishermen?

If you like to stay simple, tablecloths in paper, passionate owners and a delicious smell of grilled fish!

Try this!

We are llapas, clams grilled and served on a hot pan with of course some green mojo!

We are two type of mojo, red mainly for meat and green for fish (more delicate taste).

El Caleton- Fuerteventura, Calle Fuerteventura, 5, 38679 El Puertito, Las Palmas, Spagna

We drove there just for their typical dish.

Caldo de Pescado con Gofio, is a warm soup of white fish to match with gofio (toasted cereals, normally mais).

In this little town in most south of the island we found it, actually the place we were looking for was closed (Restaurante punta de Jandia) and we opted for this one, with a fantastic view over the ocean.

Simple place, we loved that everything was made in the moment and the tranquility was unbelievable.

Places I suggest to visit:



-Costa Calma

-la Oliva (the old capital of the Island)

Festival Enogastronomico Saborea Lanzarote

A space where the professionals of the island together with others from the Canary Islands and Spain share with tourists and residents, proposals and avant-garde gastronomic concepts, where the local product is the protagonist.

enogastronomy, putting value on the local product, authentic and original, as a differentiating element of destiny

Producers, artisans, agroindustries, wineries, …, all present and value their products, making known their know-how, the gastronomic culture of the island.

During our time in the Canary Island we cooked a lot also by ourself in our apartment, we didn’t find the fish markets like Im used to in Italy, its easier to get some fresh fish in the early morning waiting for some fisherman at the harbor.

La Graciosa

This little island north from Lanzarote is the gem of the archipelago.

We get the ship from Orzola (north of Lanzarote)

Sandy beaches, emerald water, hills to climb and no roads.

You can explore it in one day,  we took two bicycles and we cycled up to the best places.

Be sure to have a cap, sunglasses and water, there are no refreshment points.

Places I suggest to visit:

-La Santa (surfer town)

-Mirador del Rio (touristic place)

-Cueva De Las Cabras, has the(best panoramic view I ever had, but you have to be aware there are no barrier

-Los Hervideros

-Parque Nacional de Timanfaya


I went alone in Tenerife for two weeks and was a deep experience for my own, I learned a lot from that travel.

I rented a small red car, with a funny story behind (actually I couldn’t rent it because I hadn’t the right age) But I really needed it, so I get it.

Me and tomato explored the island in length and wide but I didn’t have a lot of places to suggest for eating, because I mainly cooked for my self at home or on the road in my little red tomato car.

These are the place I suggest worth a visit:

-Almaciga and Taganana

-Buenavista del norte


-Acantilados de los Gigantes

-El Médano




Daniele Leggio
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