Welcome to my website,

The place where I share all my travels, works and edible inspiration from my Italian kitchen to all over the world.

My name is Daniele I’m a Filmmaker and Freelancer Food Photographer.

Sometimes also a Yoga Certificate Teacher.

Originally Italian with a German twist but with the hearth all over the world.

I love to explore and interact with other cultures, especially trough food, that’s what keeps me inspired and active.

Food for me is union with myself ,connection with others, the easiest way to a healthy life, is love, art, colors, memories, curiosity, expression, sharing, rewarding and relation with our world, with nature.

My profound love for a healthy life brings me to share simple and delicious whole food recipe that I get inspiration from many cultures during my exploration.

All revolve around my mostly plant-based eating from organic source, without renounce of anything when my body and mind ask for it.

With the purpose to inspire others to appreciate more whats around us, our body and our life, being ready to find a better way to treat ourself trough new flavors and nourishment.

If you feel some connection with my work or you feel inspired by some ideas, let’s get in touch I would love to collaborate, my backpack is always ready under the bed  for some new place to visit.